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Videos of protests in Belarus – live updates

Belarus now witnesses the largest protests since the 1990s following rigged presidential elections. Hundreds of thousands of people in different parts of the country have been coming out to protest for many days, calling for the release of political...

Belarus now witnesses the largest protests since the 1990s following rigged presidential elections. Hundreds of thousands of people in different parts of the country have been coming out to protest for many days, calling for the release of political prisoners and new elections.

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Belarus protests: Protesters take to the streets of Minsk in defiance of military warning – Global News

The protesters beaten and tortured in Belarus – Sky News

Belarus protests: Opposition activist Maria Kalesnikava says change is ‘worth fighting for’ – Channel 4 News

Belarus protests: Two members of opposition coordination council detained by police – Euronews

Belarus protests: Can Lukashenko survive? – AlJazeera

Mass Protests And An Armed President As Standoff In Belarus Enters Third Week – Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Belarus protests: Rights groups compile torture evidence – AlJazeera

Belarus protest: Lukashenko deploys troops as thousands rally – DW News

Belarus president stages machine gun photo-op amid massive protests – CBC News

Tens of thousands rally against Belarus president – ITV News

Belarus: Svetlana calls on military to defy orders from Lukashenko – Sky News

Detainees Say They Are Being “Treated Like Animals” in Belarus – Vice News

Beatings, Rape Threats, And Searching For The Missing In Belarus – Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Belarusian opposition leader calls for strikes to continue – FRANCE 24 English

Belarus: Wandel oder weiter so? Weltspiegel extra – ARD

Belarus crisis: Strikes continue as citizens push for greater freedoms – Euronews

Belarus Protests: How Will Putin React? – DW

Belarus prosecutors open criminal probe against opposition activists – France24 English

Belarus: More protesters come forward with disturbing accounts of beatings and torture – ABC News

Belarus opposition braces for long-running protests – DW News

Belarus protests: EU says it does not recognise August presidential results – Euronews

Belarus unrest explained – Financial Times

Protests continue in Belarus as embattled Lukashenko clings to power – CBS

Belarus’s election outcome not the ‘wish of the people’, EU says – ABC News

EU leaders do not recognize results of Belarus election – Euronews

As Belarus Protests Continue, Lukashenka Accuses Opposition Of Trying To ‘Seize Power’ – RFERL

China says it respects choices made by Belarusian people – CGTN

Belarus crisis | EU mulls new sanctions, Moscow insists foreign meddling is unacceptable – RT

European Commission and European Council hold presser on Belarus – Euronews

Belarus leader accuses opposition of staging coup – BBC News

Belarus protests: Workers boo Lukashenko as election unrest spreads – BBC News

The whole country is demanding change’: Former UK ambassador to Belarus – CNBC International TV

Belarus protests: Lukashenko calls for Russian support as international pressure mounts- Euronews

Belarus: Lukashenko announces constitutional changes, hints at new elections – DW News

Belarus President jeered by angry workers as protests grow – ITV News

Belarus president claims he is willing to share power – AlJazeera

Growing pressure on Belarus leader Alexander Lukashenko over “fraudulent” election – BBC News

World Reacts To Growing Postelection Turmoil In Belarus – RFE/RL

Belarus workers chant ‘resign!’ at Lukashenko on factory visit – Guardian News

Belarus protests: anti-censorship app Nexta shows what really happened – The Telegraph

People confront Aleksander Lukashenka and regional officials – a selection by Varlamov (in Russian)

Lukashenko says he is ready to share power in Belarus as protests mount – France24 English

Belarus’ Lukashenko rejects election rerun and invokes fears of Western invasion in a speech

Thousands on streets of Belarus demand resignation of President Lukashenko – BBC News

The moment when workers start shoting ‘Go away!’ during Lukashenka’s speech

Belarus: Lukashenko seeks help from Russia, blames foreign interference – DW News

Belarus protests: Tens of thousands turn out for nation’s largest-ever demonstration – Euronews

Huge protest eclipses President’s rally in Belarus – Channel 4 News

Live stream from Nastoyashee Vremya (in Russian)

People protesting in Minsk

Lukashenko says Putin offers help as Belarus protesters plan ‘March of Freedom’ – France 24 English

Thousands arrested as protesters call Belarusian election rigged – CNN

Rallies in Moscow and Londow as pro-democracy protests continue in Belarus – Global News

Thousands attend the funeral of a Belarus protester – Sky News

Belarus Protests Continue To Grow – Bloomberg QuickTake News

Will the President of Belarus survive protests against his rule? – AlJazeera

Protesters in Belarus claim they were tortured while detained – Sky News

Belarusians Pay Tribute To Man Killed In Postelection Protests – RFE/RL

New video of a protester shot won to death by riot police in Minsk – Euroradio

Belarusians in Poland join protests against President Lukashenko – Euronews

Belarus braced for weekend protests as Lukashenko says he needs to talk to Putin – France 24 English

EU prepares new Belarus sanctions amid call for weekend protests – Al Jazeera English

Belarus Troops stand down – Deutsche Welle

Protests over Belarus presidential election, crackdowns continue to swell – Global News

Belarus opposition leader claims election victory and calls for peaceful protests

Belarus election: ‘Widespread torture’ inflicted on jailed protesters – BBC News

More people take to streets in Belarus after a crackdown on post-election demonstrations – Deutsche Welle

Belarus police crackdown on protests after Lukashenko expected to win election in landslide – Global News


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